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Magazine - Run 4 Your Life - 1 Year Subscription


1 Year Subscription (6 magazines, bimonthly delivery direct to gift recipient).

Run For Your Life (R4YL) is Australia’s premier running magazine providing the widest coverage and information on running within Australia, from the elite to the recreational – they cover it all!

R4YL was launched in July 2005 and immediately was a smash hit in the Australian running community. The combination of relevant and up to date information for runners of all ages, regardless whether they are a beginner or an elite, satisfied everyone’s appetite. Australian and international content provides readers of Run For Your Life with a broad grasp of the specifics of the sport from training techniques and injury management through to interviews with Australia’s best runners alongside Australia’s keenest participants. A range of experienced and nationally renowned runners, professional nutritionists, physiotherapists, sports physiologists, masseurs and sports doctors contribute articles to give our readers all the information they need on the sport of running. In addition to road, cross country and track running, R4YL magazine captures the broader running market with regular updates and features on Orienteering, Mountain Running, Trail running and Ultra running.

Written by Runners for Runners.

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