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About Us

Where it all started...

The idea of a fitness gift box came to me one day while out for a run. While running I like to think about all the things I don't usually have time to ponder, so on this particular day I was trying to decide what to buy a fitness buddy of mine for her upcoming birthday. Then the idea of a gift box full of fitness products came to me - and while putting the gift box together I realised this would make a fantastic business... and FITGIFTS was born!

Now FITGIFTS is up and running and we are loving every minute. Our mission is to create outstanding fitness gift boxes for the outstanding people in your life. Whether your motivation is to impress a fitness fanatic friend with the perfect gift, or to introduce someone you love (or yourself!) to the benefits of an active life, we have you covered.

Great gifts for: Christmas, New Years Resolutions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Pre-event Motivation, Post-event Rewards, Thank You Gifts, Motivation or Encouragement. 

100% Quality

We have taken considerable time to source and test the products included in our FITGIFTS Boxes, as only outstanding quality is good enough for outstanding people. We are incredibly proud of the products we offer.

100% Passion

Passion for fitness is the reason we exist. We are extremely excited to be able to share this passion through our products, and love the idea we are creating a happier and healthier world together!