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Stay Motivated With These Easy Fitness Ideas

You wake up in the morning, snug and warm and think about how cold it has been lately – well winter is here! You have managed to keep up with your regular fitness routine, but it is getting a little harder with the mornings being so cold.

So how do you keep yourself motivated when you just want to stay in your cocoon made of your doona?

You start to think about what you have wanted to achieve from your daily fitness routine. Remind yourself of why you started to exercise daily. Now write down a few goals and place it on the fridge where you can see it everyday. Keeping a schedule is a great way to stay focused. Focus on the benefits of continuing to maintain your routine. Your body will feel great and you will feel energised, with a clear mind ready for your busy day ahead.

The weather shouldn’t stop you from those favourite outdoor activities; go for a run even though it might be raining. Let’s face it; it’s fun splashing in puddles. Why should the kids have all the fun?

Plugin your headphones with your favourite playlist and enjoy the run. Don’t you always feel way more motivated to do anything when you’re playing that song? Create a playlist of songs that you know will lift you up and you will find that you can exercise for longer.

To keep your motivation, try changing the activity each morning or when you feel the need, so you don’t get bored of always running the same route. Think about alternating the activities, for example, changing between cycling and running and then change the route when you feel like it.

There are times when you may want to take your routine indoors

Taking a Pilates or Yoga session, or both. Aside from the health benefits, Pilates is a safe and effective exercise that focuses on muscular balance, and Yoga incorporates gentle exercise with breath control and meditation. You can choose to alternate these as well. On those cold days you can choose to take a hot yoga class, it really warms you up.

Once you start seeing results you will be more motivated. You just need to start, even if it is simply taking a walk in the morning or after dinner. It will make you want to keep going.

Happy exercising.

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