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5 Things You Don't Know About Your Fitbit


So you’ve got this techie-thing out of the box, on your wrist, and you’ve been out for a run or six.

The Fitbit Flex, Charge & Blaze are fantastic at monitoring steps and telling you how much you’ve been sleeping, plus it looks super sleek and tells the time, but what else are they capable of?

Here’s 5 lesser known treats that it will help you with:

  • It can monitor the temperature of your water

This is more than just manually entering your intake per glass. Thermos® have created a Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid that, through the integration of their app with your Fitbit app, will generate a host of statistics each time you finish a bottle – the time of day you drink, how much is in each sip, the temperature of the fluid itself!

  • You can connect it to friends

You can create group challenges with friends all over the world through your Fitbit profile. You can see each other’s progress and send messages of encouragement. There are 4 types that your crew can participate in to earn virtual trophy’s and bragging rights. Don’t stress too much though that they will see your super personal details (like weight), just make sure your privacy settings are setup how you want them.

  • It will automatically detect elevated activity

Ever jumped on the bike to go for a ride and forget to tap the magic button? Not to worry, your Fitbit’s SmartTrack feature is in-tune with your heart rate and knows when you’re enjoying elevated activity levels. It will recognise it and register as a Sport or Aerobic Workout depending on your rate of movement. It is default set to kick in at 15 mins of activity, but this can be adjusted in your settings.

  • Hundreds of FITBIT groups on Facebook

Just a quick search using the term FITBIT and up pops literally hundreds of Facebook Groups from all around the world. Some consist of just 9 members while others have 8000+, and focus everywhere from Women Warriors Over 50 to Fanatics UK to Pokémon Hunters. There is bound to be a perfect group to suit you and your fitness goals.

  • 34 integration apps and counting

There are some really helpful and motivating apps available on both Apple and Android to sync with your device and enhance its capabilities. So much more depth than just Strava & My Fitness Pal too. You can sync to apps that grow virtual pets as you move, help with cognitive brain training, generate incentive points for in-store purchases with retailers, and send you short personalised yoga videos. If you have built your own app you can also submit that for integration testing with Fitbit.

Such a clever little device aren’t they.

Each model has its own features and is attractive to different fitness fanatics.

Which one motivates you to push harder and go further?

Which of these bonus extras do you think a recipient of a Fitgift would try first?

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