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9 Fitness Gift Ideas I Love

Have you ever woken up feeling so energised?  That you decide, today I will start my day with a hot yoga session and then in the afternoon with a bike ride.

Well I did that. I was feeling so energised in the morning that I planned my ‘Fitness Day’, as I like to call it.

I arrived at the yoga centre, it’s always so calming to walk in, the scent of frankincense in the air and the music quietly moving through our ears, sets the scene for what is to come.

I unpack my tote bag - it is filled with my favourite fitness products, like my quick drying towel, which is a necessity in any hot yoga session and water bottle, it’s thirsty work and like how it’s block colours and it matches everything I bring with me. (Everything has to match, doesn’t it?)

I take out my personalised yoga mat, that has my favourite beach scene printed on it. I absolutely love it and thank my girlfriend for this perfect birthday gift for someone who loves being fit.

On my way home I stopped by the supermarket to buy Epsom salts for a relaxing bath later, before meeting my friend for some nourishing chatter and food at our favourite place. It has a beautiful view across the lake. Perfect after a calming yet energising yoga session.

Once arriving back home I swapped the yoga pants for lycra. When I ride my bike, I love to listen to my favourite music, so headphones are a must and are connected to my smart phone armband for ease of riding. Of course on colder days I wear my ear warmers with headphones (so cool!).

While riding I like to know how far the ride has been and all those other stats, so I wear my Fitbit, so that I can continue to achieve my personal best by changing the route and distance each week.

It was a great day, I thought, as I soaked in the warm Epsom salts filled bath. My mind and body relaxing and enjoying the time out from my day while reading my magazines on women’s heath and fitness. I’m so glad that I took up the yearly subscription. I love receiving these each month.

I pretend it’s a day spa, where the scented candles fill the room with a sweet aroma that sends your mind to a dream I once had of sweet smelling floral fields of wildflowers.

What a day…


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